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Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel shutting down to eliminate the last backward production capacity

It is understood that Baotou Iron and Steel Works square meter belt roaster was built and put into operation on June 29, 1973. The equipment was imported from Japan. At that time, there were only two domestic pellets with an annual output of 1.1 million tons. Two technological transformations were carried out in 1985 and 1994 respectively. In 2000, full fluorine free production was achieved. The steady improvement of pellet mineral quality has made a positive contribution to the improvement of burden structure and technical and economic indexes of blast furnace. Through many technological transformation, a large number of technical personnel have been trained for enterprises.

The information indicates that the equipment has produced 31.55 million tons of qualified pellets in the past 41 years, which has made a great contribution to increasing production and reducing consumption of Baotou Iron and Steel Co. After more than 40 years of production and operation, belt roaster has become increasingly aging, and does not meet the national new environmental protection industry policy requirements. To this end, the ironmaking plant of Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. proceeds from the overall situation, overcomes the difficulties of increasing production organization and cost, and shuts down the 162 square meter belt roaster as promised.

"After the shutdown of the equipment, it can reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 8000 tons annually and dust emissions by 1000 tons. This is another powerful push for Baotou Steel to implement the national environmental protection policy, eliminate backward technology and vigorously carry out energy conservation and emission reduction work." Hao Zhongping, director of the iron making plant of Baotou Iron and Steel Co.

According to Li Degang, deputy general manager of Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. invested 2.3 billion yuan to carry out environmental protection renovation in 2014. The number of projects reached 67, the highest in all years, and 90% have been completed.

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