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The main business of Tianjin steel tube group has carried out many environmental protection transformations on the steel production site.

Recently, the main steel pipe industry has implemented a number of environmental protection reforms in accordance with the requirement of the group company that "adhere to environmental protection equipment to ensure advanced, adhere to environmental protection technology to maintain a leading position". The renovation work of sealing the tapping channel of the second zone, adding dust cover to the on-line ladle furnace and refining furnace has been completed successfully, and the requirements of emission reduction, high efficiency, environmental protection and clean operation have been achieved.

After the tapping of the two zone EAF, a large amount of alloy is added to produce larger soot. A small part of the dust is collected by the EAF dedusting roof cover, and most of the smoke and dust are drifting north and south along the tapping channel. Especially when the sand is poured and drained, the concentration of the smoke and dust is high, which directly affects the production and operation of the refining furnace. At the same time, in the process of refining furnace and on-line ladle furnace smelting, smoke and dust directly float up to the roof of the plant, bringing pollution to the environment. Therefore, with the support of the group company, the main industry of steel pipe has decided to carry out environmental protection transformation in this area.

The special steel company leader leads the technical personnel to carry on the investigation to the scene, the special topic analysis discusses the transformation design plan of the steel passage, the refining furnace and the on-line ladle furnace dust removal system. Finally, it is decided to add a cover plate on both sides of the tapping channel to lead the steel dust to the dust collecting cover on the side of the on-line ladle furnace, thereby reducing the flue gas and dust dispersion, and installing a dust collecting cover device on the two refining furnaces. After more than 10 days of struggle, the construction and equipment commissioning work was successfully completed. After more than a month's operation, the dust collection effect of tapping channel and two refining furnaces has been significantly improved, and the expected results have been achieved.

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