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Changzhou power supply company has successfully promoted the signing of Zhongtian iron and steel waste heat power generation project

Today (30) morning, by Changzhou Power Supply Company to promote the sintering machine waste heat utilization contract energy management project in Zhongtian Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. formally signed in Zhongtian Iron and Steel, the project is the largest contract energy management project in Jiangsu Province in the year.

In April this year, Changzhou Power Supply Company in the process of on-site service in Zhongtian Iron and Steel Company, Zhongtian Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to understand the original 25 MW generating unit there is a serious shortage of output. On the other hand, the company's sintering machine generated a large number of low-temperature flue gas waste heat is directly discharged without effective use. Changzhou Power Supply Company immediately docked with Jiangsu Provincial Electric Power Energy Saving Service Company. After on-site investigation and demonstration, the Research Report on waste heat utilization was quickly completed. The research report was revised by the Research Institute of the Provincial Electric Power Company many times, so that the research report was approved after a review on September 12 to ensure the smooth operation of the project contract within the year. Sign the contract.

It is understood that the project is the use of three sintering machine during the work of the waste heat generated by the new waste heat boiler to generate steam and energy into the existing 25 MW power generation system. The total investment of the project is about 33.3 million yuan. The project is expected to be completed by the end of June 2015. The Provincial Power Saving Service Company can recover the cost within two years. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is estimated that the annual steam supply will be increased by 192,500 tons, the standard coal will be saved by 17,648.7 tons, and the CO2 emission will be reduced by 4,400,100.6 tons. This will create benefits for enterprises and make corresponding contributions to local energy conservation and emission reduction.

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