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The first steelmaking plant of TISCO strengthens market awareness and quality

After the special meeting on variety quality of TISCO was held, the management cadres of No. 1 Steelmaking Plant immediately organized and sponsored the above conveyed the spirit of the meeting, analyzed the existing problems in the plant, and made specific arrangements for the implementation of the work.

In view of the existing problems such as insufficient connection with the market and insufficient perception of the market, the factory requires the whole factory to deeply realize that at the critical moment when the enterprise is facing a crisis, it is imperative to fight a war of backwater and establish confidence and determination to fight a good fight for survival. On the one hand, we should adhere to the survival line of variety steel, regard axle steel as life, optimize the production organization to ensure product quality, enhance the technical personnel's ability to solve and deal with problems, and improve product quality through professional technology; on the other hand, we should pay great attention to product quality, and managers at all levels should innovate ideas. Maintain a good team, lead a good team, in accordance with the rule of law, in accordance with the requirements of the rule of enterprise management, violators should be resolutely dealt with, increase the intensity of assessment, through real, hard, resolutely stop the unhealthy wind of violations. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the on-site production organization, do a good job of preparation before production, do the work carefully, do a good job in every link, and promote product quality. On the basis of guaranteeing the quality of construction, we should grasp the construction progress of technical transformation projects, ensure that new equipment and new projects can reach production efficiency quickly, seize the market opportunities, and add stamina to the production development of enterprises.

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