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Tongsteel company reduces the cost of pig iron and achieves substantial results.

In November, Tonggang achieved results in tackling key problems of reducing pig iron cost, with the cost per ton of iron reduced by 27.9 yuan compared with October. This is also the company in August after the completion of the elimination of backward, reduction replacement, structural adjustment projects to achieve the cost of pig iron four consecutive reductions, the cost of iron tons decreased by 445.14 yuan.

The No. 3 blast furnace of Tonggang started operation on July 13, which indicates that the company has basically completed the work of eliminating backwardness, replacing reduction and restructuring in response to the call of national energy conservation and emission reduction. In order to give full play to the advantages of the new blast furnace, the company launched a comprehensive battle to reduce the cost of pig iron, and set off a bit of work upsurge. To this end, the company has set up a pre-Iron cost research team, which organizes weekly work meetings of supply companies, ironworks, sintering plants, coking plants, production departments, financial departments and other units and departments, focusing on the summary of one-week pig iron cost reduction, especially on the analysis of the key links restricting pig iron cost reduction. At the scene, we should formulate rectification measures to make sure that we can do things quickly and do everything we can to open up a channel to reduce the cost of pig iron.

The company also around the cost of pig iron to reduce the focus of work, requiring the relevant units to strengthen communication, cooperation, concerted efforts to reduce costs. In the process of raw material and fuel purchasing, the supplying company actively cooperates with the coking plant and sintering plant, makes every effort to implement the requirements of high quality coal blending and ore blending, and organizes purchasing according to the scheduled purchasing plan strictly. At the same time, direct importing households should be introduced as much as possible to raise the proportion of direct production and reduce the intermediate cost. From August to November, the company completed a cumulative increase in revenue and expenditure of 178.3 million yuan, 98.3 million yuan more than planned. Coking plant from the washed coal into the factory laboratory test, landing, taking, pre-crushing, proportioning implementation and other aspects, all-round follow-up inspection, to ensure the quality of coke lay the foundation. They also adhere to the experimental study of coking coal performance, through scientific coal blending methods, increase the use of low-cost coal. The cost of ton coke in November was 77.16 yuan lower than that in July. Combining with the change of raw material structure, the sintering plant increases the use of low price raw materials on the basis of guaranteeing the output and quality, and promotes the reduction of sinter cost.

As the key unit to tackle the key problems before iron production, the ironworks should further establish the working concept of economic ironmaking, and make the stability and smoothness of furnace condition as the primary condition to create efficiency. Especially when the quality of raw materials and fuels changes, they will keep the bottom line and ensure that the indicators do not slide as the focus of their work. In view of the feedback of raw material and fuel change information from sintering plant, coking plant and production place, they adjust their adjustments in advance and take measures such as demineralization and unloading timely to ensure the long-term smooth operation of the furnace. The factory also takes the blast furnace as the unit, vigorously develops the reduction fuel ratio research. After the No.3 BF was opened smoothly in July, the optimization of the indexes was carried out in time, and the parameters such as the top pressure and the air temperature, which promoted the reduction of fuel ratio, were promoted actively. By early August, the top pressure of the BF had increased from 180 kPa at the beginning of the operation to 210 kPa and the air temperature to 1200 degrees. At present, the top pressure has been raised to 220 kPa and the air temperature has been raised to 1225 degrees, breaking the record of blast furnace air temperature of Tonggang. In November, the fuel ratio of No. 3 BF was 539.11 kg / ton, showing a good trend of decreasing month by month.

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